Fashion Designer and Humanitarian William Malcolm believes that Style means nothing without Substance. This is why he established the William Malcolm Man of Style & Substance Scholarship Contest. The goal of this annual competition is to highlight and encourage young men from Michigan (High School Seniors) to become an active participant in the betterment of their state through volunteerism and community involvement.

William Malcolm Luxe Collection is seeking young men that are compassionate about their community and the way that they are perceived in it. These young men will understand that the world is waiting on them to cultivate their talents and abilities to make it a better world for us all.

They will also realize the importance of seeking direction, guidance and mentoring from successful men that have come before them.  So that they can, when ready take all that they have learned and become a mentor to many themselves.

These young men will understand that true symbols of manhood are not necessarily found in music videos or on athletic fields. They will know or learn that a true man, a man of style and substance is defined by how he responds to the successes and adversities that life can bring. These young men will be willing to learn that successful men are defined by how they honor their responsibilities, respect women and care for their families and the communities in which they live.


The young men will have various tasks to complete that will focus on the following. Their efforts will be judged throughout the contest based upon the observation of the Man of Style and Substance Committee Members in the following categories

1. Chivalry towards woman
2. Respect of themselves and our community
3. Community service
4. Conflict Resolution
5. Gentlemanly Etiquette/ Personal Presentation skills
6. Responsibility towards their family
7. Success strategies
8. Financial responsibility

Important Contest Dates
Official Call for entries begins-September 3rd
Complete qaulifications, rules and permission forms will be availible on September 3rd

Deadline to enter – October 1st                 Final 20 revealed – October 9th
Fan Favorite Voting begins – October 22nd                voting ends – November 5th

Winner chosen by panel of influential judges – November 19th
No entry fee will be required for participants, and the winner will receive a comprehensive prize package that will include a college scholarship, prizes & gifts that will make his high school senior Year Fitting For A Man Of Style & Substance!